Land acquisition for carbon multi-sector workshop

The focus was on listening, noting, and arriving at decisions which consider every voice in the room and work towards the common good.

SEFARI, the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes, is a consortium of six globally renowned research institutes which deliver the Strategic Research Programme (SRP) of the Scottish Government. The topic of this workshop was to open the debate around the advantages and disadvantages of planting agricultural land with trees for carbon, with issues around food security on one hand, and the need to meet net zero and other nature-related targets on the other.

The online discussion was convened by Mark Reed, Professor of Rural Entrepreneurship and Director of the Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre at Scotland’s Rural College, who chairs SEFARI’s Special Advisory Group. Insights from over sixty participants were collated and the results informed policy decision at governmental level.

Great outcomes, as always Sawsan.” – Mark Reed, Professor and lead of Fast Track Impact

“You have a way of allowing the space to generate conversation almost effortlessly” – online workshop participant