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We are honoured to have worked with some fantastic people. Here are some examples of the events we have delivered.

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Facilitation of a broad cross-disciplinary collaborative programme

The Hidden histories of environmental science programme is a broad cross disciplinary effort spanning environmental science, the arts, humanities, economic and social science researchers, practitioners and community groups, and is aimed at learning from the colonial past to inform a more equitable, inclusive future for the sector.

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Innovation for an improved business model

With business norms rapidly changing, many businesses need to reassess their strategy and build resilience into their business model. Innovation makes the difference between revamping and reenergizing, and provides an opportunity to engage your team in evolving your business.

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Online Innovation Strategy Workshop

This SME had reached a point where they needed to spend time on rather than in their business. The covid19 pandemic has accelerated the need for change, but many SMEs are not sure where to start. Working with the core team, we took an analytical look at the data they were collecting through their business process, both intentionally and inadvertently, and how they might work with this data to improve their business growth.

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The Future of Work

Over 50 people from business, government, NGOs and academics collaborated on what the future of work might look like and what skills might this future workforce need. A follow-up series of online workshops took place more recently, with hugely insightful results especially around upskilling, reskilling and the impact of digital technologies on the future of required professional skills.

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Diversity and Inclusivity in Tech

Women and minorities are still underrepresented at tech events – why is this and how can we encourage more inclusive engagement? TechExeter are the focus point of all things tech-related in the regional capital of Exeter, Devon (UK). They called us in to help find solutions to the lack of diversity at their events.

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Design Thinking for Stroke Research

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Research projects with community-focused outcomes are as much in need of innovation techniques as are market-driven businesses. At a focused, productive workshop participants co-created two collaborative project proposals that would ultimately benefit stroke patients and their carers. We also had fun…

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Academy of Medical Sciences

Collaborative research does not come naturally within the current reward system of established research excellence organisations. We explored how to get the most out of team science through building trust and provided tools for resolving the most common areas of conflict in scientific research.

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The Water Challenge

The Water Challenge

A two-day innovation Bootcamp at the Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab, University of Exeter, for business, NGOs and academic researchers. By the end, participants defined 6 actionable, fundable collaborative projects.

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Business Specialist Mentor

Strategic and innovation mentorship for SMEs working with big data in the South West. Contracted by the Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab, University of Exeter.

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The WReN Project

Designed and facilitated the first conference of this woodlands creation and conservation project involving more than 25 organizations in the public, private, academic and third sectors.

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Newcastle University

I facilitated the launch meeting of a £1.5 million cross-disciplinary multi-institutional project involving academia, big industry, and non-government organisations.

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