Newcastle University

Launch meeting of a £1.5 million cross-disciplinary multi-institutional project involving academia, big industry, and non-government organisations.

What a pleasure it was to work with Prof Mark Reed of Fast Track Impact. The day focused on getting all the relevant parties to a better understanding of their respective roles. This not only increased respect among the group, it also provided a backdrop for a more enhanced collaborative effort. When every partner is clear about what the other partners can bring to the table, there is less duplication of effort, more trust, and better cohesion in the group leading to better and more impactful results.

Prof Mark Reed wrote a blog about the day, you can find it at our Inspiration page.

“I’ve worked with many facilitators over the years, but have yet to meet anyone who combines such creativity, flexibility and presence. I found myself relaxing into your quiet confidence…”Mark Reed, Professor at Newcastle University and Director, Fast Track Impact