Inspiration can come from anywhere

By reading, listening and observing we find inspiration everywhere and integrate those insights into our work. Occasionally we write an article or a blog: below are links to some of them.

  • The candle, the box and innovation The candle, the box and innovation 

    August 2022, Sawsan Khuri. How often have you heard the old cliché, think outside the box? No one ever asks you to think about how to light a candle without making a mess… 

  • ExeBiblio – a book authoring interventionExeBiblio - a book authoring intervention

    August 2022, Sawsan Khuri and Tamsin Kilner.

    Think you might/should/could maybe one day write a book?  
    Intimidated by the publishing process?
    Feel you could write the book on writer’s block?

    We did, and here is what we did about it.

  • An Interview with …An Interview with ...

    June 2022: The Exeter Chamber recognises the importance of STEMM and of related businesses in the Exeter area through Exist (Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology). The Exist Insights magazine spotlights key players in the area and this month it’s Sawsan Khuri. 

  • GovICT 2022GovICT 2022

    April 2022, Sawsan Khuri. The annual GovICT conference returned this year with a focus on the publication of the cyber security strategy. 

  • Embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the WorkplaceEmbedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    Apr 2022, Sawsan Khuri. EDI is at the heart of innovation. We worked with a large organisation to establish a strategy for embedding equality, diversity and inclusion in their culture.

  • Why we use the term interventionWhy we use the term intervention

    March 2022, Sawsan Khuri. Innovation defines the process of creating something new. Workshops are often used to describe facilitating the process of innovation. However, here at Collaborative Capacities, we prefer to use the term intervention.

  • Take your shoes off and slide into innovation interventions for lasting changeTake your shoes off and slide into innovation interventions for lasting change

    Jan 2022., Sawsan Khuri. ‘Take Your Shoes Off First’ is a term used by Julia Freeland in the book and podcast of the same name. The powerful idea is to identify our own beliefs and put them aside before trying to understand another person’s perspective. In her fifth podcast, Julia discusses this concept with Sawsan Khuri and how we use it in our innovation interventions.  

  • How Important are Facts in Conflict Resolution?How Important are Facts in Conflict Resolution?

    Nov 2021, Daniel Maxwell. Dan’s expertise is in working with groups of people to map and compare their beliefs, revealing where they agree and disagree, and helping them understand each other better and reach reconciliation.

  • What Happens At an Innovation Intervention?What Happens At an Innovation Intervention?

    Nov 2021, Sawsan Khuri. Our team designs each intervention from scratch with clients using tried and tested tools and methods, and ensuring the context and outcomes are aligned with client needs.

  • What Is Innovation and Why You Need an Innovation StrategyWhat Is Innovation and Why You Need an Innovation Strategy

    Oct 2021, Sawsan Khuri, based on several months discussing the topic with network colleagues on LinkedIn and tinkering with a definition.

  • An Innovation Training Session with SETsquaredAn Innovation Training Session with SETsquared

    Sept 2021, Nasara Al-Hassan. Nasara summarises Sawsan’s approach to innovation training

  • The Three Ingredients of an Entrepreneurial MindsetThe Three Ingredients of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Sept 2021, Sawsan Khuri. This blog is a summary of an interactive webinar Sawsan gave on the Entrepreneurial Mindset to the Lucidity Network in September 2021.

  • The Future of Work – a Panel DiscussionThe Future of Work – a Panel Discussion

    August 2021, Nasara Al-Hassan. With pandemic conditions getting better, employees are now being asked to return to the physical office. What will this new working environment look like for many, and how will this impact the future of work?

  • Discussions of the Panel: International Women’s Day 2021 Reset and Recovery – Women, Business and the PandemicDiscussions of the Panel: International Women’s Day 2021 Reset and Recovery – Women, Business and the Pandemic

    July 2021, Nasara Al-Hassan. A young person’s reflection of a panel discussion around the impact that the pandemic has had on women, and how they can rise once again to help with reset and recovery.

Clarify not Simplify: is COVID-19 more complex than the 35 year span of EastEnders?
June 2021, Sawsan Khuri and Nasara Al-Hassan in Communicator, Summer 2021, by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

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Understanding data visualisation.
Dec 2020. Sawsan Khuri, in Communicator, Winter 2020, by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Who works alone these days?
Reflections on entrepreneurship by Sawsan Khuri, in Inspiring Thinkers, We Are Like Minds, October 2020.

20 tools scored

Tips and tools for making your online meetings and workshops more interactive.
Oct 2020. Sawsan Khuri and Mark Reed, published on Fast Track Impact.

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Look at the Whole Glass.
Sept 2020. Sawsan Khuri on LinkedIn.

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  • Our case studies page is full of examples where we have used innovation techniques to make good things happen.
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Articles about Sawsan’s journey

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Communications in Transdisciplinary Teams.
Lotrecchiano and Misri (Eds). 2020, Informing Science Press.
Sawsan has a chapter here about science communication education and training.

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Articles about Facilitation

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Team Science Glossary.
Sawsan Khuri and Stefan Wuchty, 2017