Inspiration can come from anywhere

By reading, listening and observing we find inspiration everywhere and integrate those insights into our work. Occasionally we write an article or a blog: below are links to some of them.

Clarify not Simplify: is COVID-19 more complex than the 35 year span of EastEnders?
June 2021, Sawsan Khuri and Nasara Al-Hassan in Communicator, Summer 2021, by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

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Understanding data visualisation.
Dec 2020. Sawsan Khuri, in Communicator, Winter 2020, by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Who works alone these days?
Reflections on entrepreneurship by Sawsan Khuri, in Inspiring Thinkers, We Are Like Minds, October 2020.

20 tools scored

Tips and tools for making your online meetings and workshops more interactive.
Oct 2020. Sawsan Khuri and Mark Reed, published on Fast Track Impact.

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Look at the Whole Glass.
Sept 2020. Sawsan Khuri on LinkedIn.

Collaborative intersections

Blogs about Innovation

  • Our case studies page is full of examples where we have used innovation techniques to make good things happen.
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Articles about Sawsan’s journey

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Communications in Transdisciplinary Teams.
Lotrecchiano and Misri (Eds). 2020, Informing Science Press.
Sawsan has a chapter here about science communication education and training.

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Articles about Facilitation

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Team Science Glossary.
Sawsan Khuri and Stefan Wuchty, 2017