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June 2022: The Exeter Chamber recognises the importance of STEMM and of related businesses in the Exeter area through Exist (Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology). The Exist Insights magazine spotlights key players in the area and this month it’s Sawsan Khuri. 

In the interview, Sawsan outlines the inspiration behind her two businesses, Collaborative Capacities and Volt Entrepreneurs, and how her fascination with STEMM has shaped her life. It all started with a brilliant teacher in secondary school, and it continues to the present day. Whether facilitating meetings, working with clients on their innovation strategies or empowering entrepreneurship in young people, having a background in science has allowed her to have a holistic perspective on complex issues and help her clients clarify the complexity to allow solutions to emerge.  

In her own words, the achievement she is most proud of is “the ability to juggle tasks and responsibilities which lead to success in two business ventures, a senior academic certification (SFHEA) and a sensible family life. Oh, and being featured in the Supercool Scientists Colouring Book (McSorely, 2017)!”

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