We energize, enlighten and enable innovation through collaboration.
We help individuals, teams and organizations to work better together by creating experiences that unleash creativity, boost performance and accelerate outcomes.


We are inspired and driven by the idea of creating positive lasting legacies that can endure in a world that is increasingly complex, diverse and disruptive. Collaborative Capacities helps business, academia and society to

  • Experience working across diverse perspectives
  • Discover the power of learning, empathy, and common purpose
  • Achieve outcomes that stimulate creativity, solve problems, and embrace change


By creating cohesive, focused experiences that energize and enlighten, we enable people to boost their ability to collaborate.

From the design and facilitation of events to team-training and innovation workshops and strategic advice or mentoring, every assignment is exclusively bespoke and uniquely designed around enhancing collaborative capacities.

Sawsan Khuri

William P. Murphy Jr.’s workshop, Miami, Florida

WHO with

  • The Water Challenge Facilitated this two-day innovation Bootcamp at the Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab, University of Exeter, for over 30 SMEs, NGOs and academic researchers. We defined 6 actionable collaborative ... Read more

WHAT people say

“That was magic”     “The result was a revelation”     “Sawsan is a connecting force”     “Her energy is contagious”     “We got so much more than we thought we would”     “I don’t know what you did but it worked”     “Teams in academia don’t just happen”

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