University of Dundee

Increased cross-disciplinary engagement by 70% using creativity and innovation.

Collaborative Capacities was invited to help enhance cross-disciplinary engagement at the University of Dundee. The team there had done this before and knew what they wanted to do, the first challenge was negotiating a different way. Then we had a short orientation session which involved a lot of trust from all sides. The day was a success, measured by the number of cross-disciplinary project proposals that were submitted to the research office after the Symposium. The 70% figure was arrived at by asking participants to raise their hand if they had had a meaningful project-oriented conversation that day with someone not from their department whom they had not spoken to before. Not a bad result.

Photo: Tracey Dixon

“Sawsan’s design and facilitation of our GCRF Symposium was highly professional and made a positive difference. She kept our academics engaged in their workshop discussions and made sure energy levels were up throughout the day.”Daniela Bolle, Head of Research Development, Research and Innovation, University of Dundee