What We Deliver

Exclusively bespoke. Uniquely designed. Grounded in science and research.

“There is nothing that motivates us more than creating positive lasting legacies.” – Sawsan Khuri

Do you need innovation?

You need innovation if the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’:

  • Lockdown woes. Have you been hit by the lockdowns and need to figure a way through it for you and your business?
  • Growth. Are you unsure how to evolve your business into its next growth phase?
  • Diversity and Inclusion. Do you need to figure out how to make your business more inclusive?
  • Something’s not working… Can you clearly define your development issues? (If it’s not an HR, sales or marketing issue, then it’s probably innovation)
  • Diverse stakeholders. Do you need to bring lots of different stakeholders together over a question or a theme?
  • Business-academia interface. Are you looking for someone to bring energy and purpose to your collaborative meetings? 
  • Social responsibility. Do you need to find the best way for your business to meet its corporate social responsibility? 
  • Data. Does your company collect lots of data that you could ethically analyse and monetise?

Do we work with you?

We work mostly with SMEs and Research organisations – have a look at our case studies and call us if in doubt.

What’s your first step?

Email us

We will listen, then listen a little deeper, and respond with a plan. Based on your reality and our evidenced methods, we work with you and your team to produce outcomes that are practical and actionable.

What do we do next?

We design a results-focused plan that will work for you and your team. We are known for breaking through traditional boundaries and allowing the solutions to emerge at the intersection.

These plans could include any of the following:

  • An Innovation process. Using advanced innovation techniques, we work with your team to generate ideas and refine them to produce a set of actionable items and a clear message. 
  • Innovation workshops. Your issue might only need one or two workshops to arrive at a solution.
  • Collaborative events. We specialise in cross-professional, diverse events that bring individuals and teams together to work on complex problems. 

Or your issue might need a something a little different, so we offer one of these ideas:

  • Strategic planning and mentoring. We offer mentorship for you and/or your team to enhance your collaborative capacities for innovation, transformation and success.
  • Speaking engagements. We speak to crowds large and small on topics that include collaboration, communication and life journeys. 

“I saw links to other ideas I had been working on separately”

“Somehow Sawsan gets the outcome to develop organically through discussion”

“Sawsan brings minds and skills together to solve ‘fuzzy’ real-world problems”

“She has a knack for recognizing and empowering talent”

“She is such an inspirational speaker, I felt empowered”

“She had a way of making the 30 people in the room feel connected”

“The best workshop I have attended probably ever and definitely since university”