What We Deliver

Exclusively bespoke. Uniquely designed. Grounded in science and research.

“There is nothing that motivates us more than creating positive lasting legacies.” – Sawsan Khuri


Your vision is in safe hands with our professional facilitators designing your conversations.

We ensure that your vision is met through events (meetings, workshops, roundtables, etc) that result in outcomes which impact your organisation and relevant parties in a positive way. Our expertise is in innovation strategy and implementation, in equity, diversity and inclusion practices and in business growth. Our constellation of associates includes business, entrepreneurship and innovation mentors, writers, editors and speakers.

We work with the public and private sectors and with research organisations. Take a look at our case studies for some examples.


Product - Talk To Us

Talk to us

An initial no obligation chat with one of us, usually with up to 3 of your team and up to one hour, at no charge. Email us today.

Product - Facilitation

Facilitation of events

What’s an event? It can be a meeting, workshop, roundtable, conference, retreat, panel, speaker event – whatever is relevant for you at the time.

  • Short events on a virtual platform, typically up to 3 hours.
  • In-person events which span one or more working days or half days.
  • Series of events or variations on the above.
    We can layer capacity building and training in collaborative working and inclusive practice onto topic-focused discussions.

Many people think facilitation is about chairing a meeting. Not quite.
Facilitation is about designing conversations that allow the emergence of collective ideas and the actionable results from them. It is about allowing voices to be heard, to be integrated, to be woven into longer lasting outcomes.
We love what we can do with conversation – talk to us to transform your next event.

Take a look at our case studies for some examples.

Our clients say:
“It was a really rich, creative and thought-provoking day and I think all would agree that we wouldn’t have come remotely close to getting the invaluable responses and outputs from yesterday’s discussion without your help.– Senior Investment Manager, AHRC

Sawsan demonstrated exceptional talent in steering the discussion, skilfully navigating through complex topics, and ensuring a productive and enlightening dialogue” – Head of ESG, Duke CE

Your facilitation has enabled us to fully embrace this activity and take it forward constructively. We have received accolades for this work. We would not have been able to do this without your help.” – Head of Researcher Development and Research Culture, University of Exeter


Product - Innovation

Innovation mentoring and enabling

Ask ten people what is innovation and you’ll get fifteen answers. The consensus seems to be something about disrupting the status quo. We like that. It is clear and actionable.

We work with you to assess your needs around innovation, be it for new products, markets or simply a better business process. Then we help you develop a strategy and make headway towards implementing it.

We start with listening to you. We ask about you and your business. We listen to your words, the energy with which you speak them, and the ideas you have around innovation. Then we work with you to design the innovation intervention that would make the most impact for your team and your company.

We could work with you over a couple of weeks, or for more than 6 months. It depends on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your innovation needs.

Talk to us so we can start listening and helping you plan the next phase of your business growth.

Read this blog about our innovation interventions.
Here is what we got when we asked people what innovation means.

Our clients say:
I am excited to have a clearer vision now, as well as a detailed plan of how to progress with the project.” – CEO of a tech startup
“Excellent facilitation [and outcomes]… nothing more need be said”Director, Finance Earth
“It was such an informative workshop and really made us think critically about some of the things we want to achieve. Really super.” – COO of Swanky

Product - Evidence

Evidence-based reviews

Thinking about recruitment, either to your team or to your Board?

Wondering about AI? (what it actually is, how to make best use of its powers, where is generative taking us?)

Trying to figure out how to make your organisation more inclusive?

Worried about whether your team’s skill set is up to date? Or maybe they need something that helps them to find their energy again?

We can conduct an assessment of your organisation’s needs through data collection, analysis and interpretation. We use evidence based approaches to provide insights that could transform your organisation. Your answer might be in providing training, in recruiting from a wider population, or simply in a more streamlined business process.

Examples of prior work include reviews around the following:

  • Team or board competencies
  • Team skill sets, leadership potential or culture
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion practices

Take a look at our case studies for some examples.

Our clients say:
“They created a safe space, we all learned so much” – Participant, NERC EDI training
“I liked the practical tools to help us move forward on EDI” – Participant, ZSL EDI training
“The work with you helped us see where our weaknesses were as a board, we are recruiting new members accordingly. Thank you.” – Executive Coach for a biotech SME

Writing Books


ExeBiblio: Helping you to write the book you always wanted to write

Many people want to (and perhaps need to) share their knowledge by writing a book. The struggle for most is how and where to start! ExeBiblio is here to help you find and start writing the book that we know is in you.

ExeBiblio is a writing programme aimed at supporting academic and/or professional services staff in higher education to write books. Along the way, you also get an increased understanding of the publication process, helping you to feel more confident when engaging with publishers.

The result is you get to write the book you have always wanted to write, and we get to see you become published authors.  

ExeBiblio is delivered in three parts:  

1. Book Discovery

We start by helping you identify the topic and audience.  We use a design thinking approach to creatively bring to light the focus for your book.

Through guided activities you will identify the core audience and the broader audience for your book. After all, that is what publishers want to know: who is your audience and is it large enough to make it worthwhile for them.

The result of this workshop is a synopsis of the book you can write, and a profile of the audiences who will be interested in reading it.

We can then hold a symposium where we invite two or three publishing houses (e.g. Routledge, Sage, University Presses) to give talks and answer your questions around the publication process.

2. Proposal Support

Once you have discovered your book, we provide workshops to help you prepare initial draft proposals to commissioning editors from publishing houses ahead of your meetings with them. We mentor you through that first meeting with them, and then help you finalise your proposal for submission. 

3. Protected Writing Time

Then you start writing! At this stage, we arrange structured writing time for you, including a set of specific, realistic writing goals and the uninterrupted time to make progress on achieving them. We support meaningful progress in book-writing and the creation of a peer mentoring network for this purpose. We can build capacity at your institution so that you can sustain the peer network longer-term, facilitating book completion in a supportive community of practice.

Writing a book is a marathon not a sprint. ExeBiblio provides ongoing support and develops a sustainable peer support network for writers. We encourage collaborative writing, and can provide additional workshops to enable that to happen.

Which Services Should I Choose?

You can access ExeBiblio either as the individual components listed above, or as a complete package.

By choosing the full package you will get more thorough support to ensure that your book project gets started and gets finished.

Talk to us about timelines, costs, and how we might make ExeBiblio work for you and your institution.

Read this blog about one of the first full package ExeBiblio interventions.

Our clients say:
“Discover Your Book was amazing. As a scientist I was sceptical about creativity, but this really worked” – Participant, Exeter (now almost done with her first draft)
“Craft Your Proposal really helped me understand what publishers are looking for.” – Participant, Exeter (now with a book contract from a global academic publisher)
“This was so helpful and very well run. I learned a lot and writing my book seems possible now” – Participant, Aberystwyth (now approaching publishers)

Product - Something Else

Something else?

The possibilities are infinite.

Send us an email and start talking to us. We will listen, then listen a little deeper, and respond with a plan. Based on your reality and our evidenced methods, we work with you and your team to produce outcomes that are practical and actionable.

What happens next is we design a results-focused event or set of events that will work for you and deliver your intended outcomes. We are known for breaking through traditional boundaries and allowing the solutions to emerge at the intersection.

Talk to us.

“I saw links to other ideas I had been working on separately”

“Somehow they get the outcome to develop organically through discussion”

“Sawsan brings minds and skills together to solve ‘fuzzy’ real-world problems”

“She is such an inspirational speaker, I felt empowered”

“She had a way of making the 30 people in the room feel connected”

“The best workshop I have attended probably ever and definitely since university”