What We Deliver

Exclusively bespoke. Uniquely designed. Grounded in science and research.
Based on reality and evidence. Outcomes that are practical and actionable.

“There is nothing that motivates us more than creating positive lasting legacies.” – Sawsan Khuri

We deliver experiences that energize, enlighten and enable to individuals, teams and organizations who want to achieve more. We love people and are inspired by the potential we see in them. We bring them together in ways that harness their knowledge and skills, and collectively exceed their individual expectations.

  • Event design and facilitation, innovation workshops. We customize our events within your professional context, using methods such as design thinking to generate ideas and refine them to produce a set of actionable items and a clear message.
  • Speaking engagements, strategic advice & mentoring. We speak to crowds large and small on topics that include collaboration, communication, and life journeys. We listen to your needs and offer strategic advice and mentoring on a team or individual basis to enhance your collaborative capacities for innovation, transformation and success.
  • Team training. We specialise in cross-professional, diverse teams working on science-based projects. People work better together when they are equipped with tools that build a sense of community and trust, and enable enquiry and growth.

“I saw links to other ideas I had been working on separately”

“Somehow Sawsan gets the outcome to develop organically through discussion”

“Sawsan brings minds and skills together to solve ‘fuzzy’ real-world problems”

“She has a knack for recognizing and empowering talent”

“She is such an inspirational speaker, I felt empowered”

“She had a way of making the 30 people in the room feel connected”

“The best workshop I have attended probably ever and definitely since university”