Design Thinking Training

Ready to demystify a process that could transform your business? Heard all the buzz words and trying to figure out how to use them? It’s all quite simple really, and the results are a more innovative, resilient, secure business.

Design thinking is the premier solution-focused problem-solving tool of the century. Throw the process at anything, from large businesses to SMEs to deciding on your garden furniture, and it works.

So what’s the secret? It is an inclusive iterative approach where brainstorming has a focus and ends with an outcome. This means that at the end there is something you can take away and test for its market desirability, feasibility and viability.

We involve your whole team in helping to take a broad look at who wants your product, why they choose it, and what they want out of it. This enables you to design a variety of new products that speak directly to these people, evaluate each one and narrow down the options. Then you can create a prototype that you can test with a small group. If it works, great, you go to market! If it doesn’t, you go back and change what needs to be changed and try again. The result is an innovation that was arrived at through a process that builds resilience into your business, making it more secure.

So that sounds simple enough, why do you need to be trained?

Because when you are in the middle of the issue, you can’t see the wood for the trees. We train you and your team in methods that allow you to stretch the givens and see opportunities for your business that you may not be able see.

According to a recent McKinsey report, design thinking training workshops are most effective for less agile companies that are centralized and fixed on a top down, decision making scheme.

When you involve everyone, you broaden the inclusivity and allow everyone to feel more involved and more invested in the business. In reality, this is precisely why design thinking works for every type of business. Design thinking is a process that can help us systematically interact, teach, learn and apply human centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Some of the world’s leading brands have rapidly adopted this approach and it is being taught at top universities around the world.

We have 15 years experience in running design thinking in various different sectors and scopes, and can train your team in with particular emphasis on how to apply design thinking to your business needs. Email us on for a chat and a quote.

“The session delivered more than I was expecting.”

“We were given clear guidelines that we can meaningfully apply in our business context.”

“Sawsan demystified design thinking for us.”

“The ongoing guidance and motivation of the groupwork was great.”