Duke Corporate Education ESG Academy workshop

As a Global Educator at Duke Corporate Education with a focus area on ESG, Sawsan delivered an interactive, engaging session on incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance elements into the innovation processes.

Sawsan and the Duke CE education staff co-created ESG dilemmas on data protection in the healthcare industry and on the use of natural resources in renewable energy, for use in ESG training. These scenarios were piloted with members of the International Women’s Forum, a dynamic network of outstanding women of diverse achievements. With expert facilitation from Sawsan and the Duke CE staff, the event was a resounding success, and the scenarios have been rolled out into routine delivery by Duke CE.

Based on this success, Sawsan was invited to join Duke CE’s Global Educator network, and gave a presentation at their London offices on designing ESG into the innovation process. With generative AI forging an ever increasing space in our work, a rich discussion provided some insight into how to best use this resource in building ESG material for training purposes.

Collaborative Capacities specialises in complex conversations, we are known for weaving outcomes from outputs. The success of our methods speaks to the diligence of our design process. Using every tool available to us, we see a world where generative AI, sticky notes and flipcharts all add equal value to experiential learning approaches both in formal and informal education and training sessions.

“I recently witnessed Sawsan expertly moderating a challenging ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Ethical Dilemma session. The participants were highly esteemed professionals, each a leader in their respective fields within the UK. Sawsan demonstrated exceptional talent in steering the discussion, skillfully navigating through complex topics, and ensuring a productive and enlightening dialogue. Her ability to facilitate such a high-level conversation was truly impressive.” – Andres Saint-Jean, Head of ESG at Duke CE 

“We enjoy working with you a lot and hope there will be many more opportunities for us to work together – Alpin Ilayda Ozmen, Strategy Director for ESG at Duke CE 

“That was fabulous – you are a truly natural presenter!” – Julie Goldstein, business leader and board director