Communication Training for Innovator Challenge

Speaking with clarity and confidence on complex topics: this is communication at its best. It is the sort of communication that is relevant to all business sectors and is key for a competitive advantage in presentations.

Public speaking is one of the most important skills that many people don’t realize they need. It is for many a deciding factor in career development, business growth and even personal relationships. Deciding how to use language and alter your speech to adapt to the audience is a skill that can be learned. With public speaking training comes an increase in self-confidence and the ability to influence.

The Stars of Science is a highly acclaimed televised annual innovators competition, with a focus on novelty, relevance and potential for business growth. The contestants are professionals who go through multiple rounds and the finalists pitch to a live television audience. From tens of applicants, only one wins the jackpot. As the going gets tough, the finalists are trained in communication skills and entrepreneurship.

Turning their scientific language into a message that could be understood by a broad television audience needed to start with science communication. This ensured that the contestants could communicate the utility and ingenuity of their often complicated and technical inventions in simple words for a wide audience. They needed to focus on a straightforward main message before telling the story. We ran a 1-day communications workshop helping the finalists arrive at their pitch, as well as giving each individual contestant a training session in public speaking. This naturally turned into a confidence boosting activity. The results speak for themselves when you watch the program.

The show is broadcast on regional television.

“I didn’t know I could sound like that.”

“Thank you for unpacking communication for me, I’ve always struggled with it.”

“Who knew standing straighter would make that much difference?”