Innovation Specialists and Facilitators
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Facilitation that energises, enlightens and enables you to unleash creativity, boost innovation and deliver outcomes.


Because we love creating positive lasting legacies in a world that is increasingly complex, diverse and uncertain. Collaborative Capacities helps you to

  • Achieve innovation solutions faster
  • Enhance collaboration for innovation 
  • Maximise the value of your meeting time 

Our work is inclusive, creative and focused on outcomes, using a systems based, human centric approach.


We work with the public and private sectors and research organisations, online or in-person. Our events can be internal to your team or engage diverse stakeholders. Talk to us about helping you be more

  • Successful with finding new markets or products
  • Resilient in terms of your business model
  • Inclusive with respect to your team and your market

We develop alignment with a sense of common purpose, and allow actionable results to emerge at the intersections.  

Innovation at the intersection

Case Studies

What people say

“Sawsan is a connecting force”
“Her energy is contagious”
“We got so much more than we thought we would”
“I don’t know what you did but it worked”
“Teams in academia don’t just happen”
“The result was a revelation”
“That was magic”